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Trail Activity Walking Hiking Snowshoeing Ungroomed Cross-country Skiing
Location Williston (VT)
Difficulty Easy, Moderate
Length2.0 miles, Network

The trail includes a half-mile loop, a wildlife observation boardwalk, and an extension trail connecting to the Chatham Woods development and North Williston Road.

Trail Activity Walking Bicycling
Location South Hero (VT)
Difficulty Easy
Length1.2 miles, One Way

A scenic trail offering great lake access and good fishing at "the cut" in the causeway.

Trail Activity Hiking Ungroomed Cross-country Skiing
Location Pomfret (VT)
Difficulty Moderate
Length3.0 miles, Network

The trail system within Amity Pond Natural Area provides scenic views of the Vermont country side.

Trail Activity Walking Bicycling Horseback Riding Snowmobiling ATV Riding Snowshoeing Ungroomed Cross-country Skiing
Location Bath (NH), Haverhill (NH), Lisbon (NH), Littleton (NH)
Difficulty Easy, Moderate
Length20.1 miles, One Way

Nearly 20 miles of re-purposed railway makes for an ideal location for hikers, bikers, and off-road motorists with the beautiful Ammonoosuc River in the background.

Trail Activity Paddling
Location Berlin (NH), Cambridge (NH), Errol (NH), Gilead (ME), Shelburne (NH)
Difficulty Easy, Moderate, Advanced
Length41.1 miles, Network

The North Woods section of the Androscoggin River Trail is incredibly scenic, often wild, with both serious whitewater and peaceful flatwater. It also boasts excellent trout fishing and wildlife viewing.

Trail Activity Hiking
Location Barnard (VT), Beans Grant (NH), Beans Purchase (NH), Benton (NH), Bethlehem (NH), Bridgewater (VT), Chandlers Purchase (NH), Franconia (NH), Glastenbury (VT), Hanover (NH), Hart's Location (NH), Hartford (VT), Killington (VT), Lincoln (NH), Low & Burbanks (NH), Lyme (NH), Manchester (VT), Mendon (VT), Mount Tabor (VT), Norwich (VT), Orford (NH), Peru (VT), Piermont (NH), Pinkham's Grant (NH), Pomfret (VT), Pownal (VT), Sargents Purchase (NH), Shelburne (NH), Shrewsbury (VT), Stamford (VT), Stockbridge (VT), Stratton (VT), Success (NH), Sunderland (VT), Thompson & Meserve (NH), Wallingford (VT), Warren (NH), Wentworth (NH), Winhall (VT), Woodford (VT), Woodstock (NH), Woodstock (VT)
Difficulty Moderate, Advanced, Expert
Length297.4 miles, One Way

Nearly 300 miles of excellent hiking and backpacking opportunities can be found along the Appalachian Trail through NH and VT.

Trail Activity Hiking Snowshoeing
Location Bennington (VT), Wilmington (VT), Woodford (VT)
Difficulty Easy, Moderate, Advanced
Length3.3 miles, Network

Great views reward a challenging first half mile. This is quickest access to the Appalachian Trail / Long Trail (AT/LT) in the region.

Trail Activity Walking Bicycling
Location Keene (NH)
Difficulty Easy
Length1.3 miles, One Way

Paved recreational trail connecting Wheelock Park to Jonathan Daniels Trail and historic Court Street in Keene.

Trail Activity Walking Mountain Biking
Location Burlington (VT)
Difficulty Easy
Length1.7 miles, Network

Informal trails behind Burlington High School.

Trail Activity Walking Bicycling Horseback Riding
Location Hinsdale (NH), Keene (NH), Swanzey (NH), Winchester (NH)
Difficulty Easy, Moderate, Advanced
Length21.2 miles, One Way

Nearly 22 miles of re-purposed railroad where users can see both a moose and converted railroad station on the same trail.