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Trail Activity Walking Hiking
Location Colchester (VT), Winooski (VT)
Difficulty Easy
Length1.3 miles, Network

Interpretive trail offers up close view of ecology.

Trail Activity Hiking Mountain Biking
Location Norwich (VT)
Difficulty Moderate
Length1.6 miles, Network

Two trail options are provided for Gile Mountain: a 0.68 mile hiking trail and a longer switch-backed bike/ski trail. Elevation gain to the summit ridge and fire tower observation area is 413 ft.

Trail Activity Walking Hiking
Location Hinesburg (VT)
Difficulty Easy, Moderate
Length3.2 miles, Network

Several miles of foot trails located a few miles southeast of Hinesburg village center. You'll find both forest and field trails for hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and horseback riding on.

Trail Activity Walking Hiking Snowshoeing Ungroomed Cross-country Skiing Horseback Riding
Location Fremont (NH)
Difficulty Easy, Moderate
Length3.9 miles, Network

The Glen Oakes Town Forest offers a wide variety of forest and wildlife habitats to explore, via trails that are minimally maintained and not groomed for winter use.

Trail Activity Hiking
Location Averys Gore (VT), Norton (VT)
Difficulty Advanced
Length3.9 miles, One Way

The Gore Mountain Trail provides an excellent remote backcountry experience as it winds past abandoned beaver ponds to the summit of Gore Mountain.

Trail Activity Hiking Mountain Biking Snowshoeing Nordic Skiing - Groomed
Location Grafton (VT)
Difficulty Easy, Moderate, Advanced, Expert
Length15.0 miles, Network

Grafton Trails & Outdoor Center is a multi-use trail network which supports diverse recreational opportunities including, mountain biking, hiking, disc golf, snowshoeing, tubing, nordic & backcountry skiing.

Trail Activity Walking Hiking
Location Grand Isle (VT)
Difficulty Easy
Length1.0 miles, Loop

A short hike in Grand Isle State Park, this trail features a tower that once had a view of the lake, but is now mostly obscured by trees.

Trail Activity Walking Hiking
Location Granville (VT)
Difficulty Easy
Length0.2 miles, Round Trip

Granville Gulf Reservation is best known for its stunning waterfall, Moss Glen Falls, which is visible from VT-100 and can be accessed via a short walk leading to a closer view.

Trail Activity Walking Hiking
Location Newington (NH)
Difficulty Easy
Length0.5 miles, Network

These two trails (one of which is wheelchair accessible) traverse forests, fields, and boardwalks while providing visitors with a variety of photographic and wildlife viewing opportunities.

Trail Activity Walking Hiking
Location Charlestown (NH)
Difficulty Easy
Length1.2 miles, One Way

Beautiful trail that follows the Connecticut River. Great for families and children, a flat, easy trail.