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From Lyndonville, drive north on US-5 (Lynburke Road) for 7 miles. Turn right onto VT-5A and continue for 6 miles. There are a variety of trailheads for the different trails.

  • Trailheads for Mount Hor and Mount Pisgah are on either side of VT-5A, 0.5 miles before the southern end of the lake. There is also parking and a trailhead available for Mount Pisgah North Trail farther north on VT-5A, halfway up the lake.
  • Parking for the South Shore Trail is located at the south end of the lake off of VT-5A. 
  • To access the Moose Mountain Trail, drive north on US-5 out of Lyndonville and continue for 16.5 miles. Turn right onto Wheeler Mountain Road. Parking for the Moose Mountain Trail and Wheeler Pond is off the right of the road.


Haystack Mountain: Elevation 2,712 feet. Three overlooks have been cleared, offering views of Lake Willoughby, Bald Hill, Newark, Long Pond, and the distant White Mountains.

  • Long Pond Trail: (1.0 mile, 900 feet of elevation gain) From the Long Pond fishing access area go southeast for 0.6 miles to the start of the trail at the edge of the small clearing on the eastern side.
  • South Trail: (1.0 mile, 530 feet of elevation gain) From the Long Pond fishing access area, travel southeast for 1.8 miles. Turn left (north) on the logging road and begin the hike. Continue 0.5 miles up the logging road and turn left onto the marked trail.

Mount Hor Summit and Ridge: Elevation 2,648 feet. The summit offers views of nearby ponds in the valley and a distant view of the Green Mountain Range. From the two Willoughby overlooks, there is a view of the lake below, Owl's Head, Mount Orford, and the White Mountains. 

  • Herbert Hawkes Trail: (0.7 miles, 600+ feet of elevation gain) To access the trail from the beach at the south end of the lake, go south for 0.6 mi. Turn right through the parking area and go uphill 1.8 mi to the start of the trail on the right. On the ridge, the trail to the left climbs 150 ft in 0.2 mi and reaches the summit, while the branch trail to the right leads to two lake overlooks. 
  • Moose Mountain Trail: From Wheeler Mountain Road, hike east to cross Moose Mountain. A scenic vista, located 0.5 miles up the trail, overlooks Wheeler Pond and is a nice short hike. After 2.75 miles of hiking, the trail intersects with the Mount Hor North Trail which connects to the summit.
  • South Shore Trail: (1.0 miles, 200 feet of elevation gain) To access the trail from the south end of the lake, go south on VT-5A for 200 feet to the entrance of the western parking area. Pass through the area along an old road for 600 feet to the start of the trail which is marked with blue blazes.

Bald Mountain: Elevation 3,315 feet. Bald Mountain is the third highest peak in the Northeast Kingdom and with the newly restored cabin and firetower, the summit offers some of the best views in the area. 

  • Mad Brook Trail: (3.0 miles, 1,415 feet of elevation gain)  This trail approaches the summit from the north, starting from the gated terminus of Mad Brook Road in East Charleston. The trail follows a gravel road for 0.5 miles, then crosses into an open meadow. The trail then enters a mixed forest on an old road and climbs a gradual slope. The trail descends briefly after that to the base of Bald Mountain then climbs more steeply up to the summit of the mountain. 
  • Long Pond Trail: (2.0 miles, 1,450 feet of elevation gain)  From the parking area, the trail follows blue blazes up a gated logging road and bears right at the junction where trail climbs a moderate hill to a open logging area. After the clearing, the trail turns into the trees where it follows an old woods trail. The trail winds through open hardwoods, crossing streams, and climbing steadily into the sub-alpine spruce-fir forest. As the trail approaches the mountain top, it climbs several steep pitches and passes large rock outcroppings, then the trail emerges to the top of the mountain. NOTE: This trail can be wet in spots, plan appropriately.
  • Telegraph Trail: (2.1 miles, 1,577 of elevation gain) Because this trail is not maintained, it is not frequently used.  

Mount Pisgah: Elevation 2,751 feet. There are two overlooks near the summit: one offers a near view of the Passumpsic Valley and a distant view of the southern White Mountains, the other a near view of Bald Mountain.

  • South End Trail: (1.9 miles, 1,480 feet of elevation gain to the summit / to North Trail) From the parking area that is 0.6 miles from the south end of the lake, the trailhead is on the eastern edge of the parking lot. 
  • North Trail: (2.2 miles, 1,530 feet of elevation gain to the summit / to South Trail). The trailhead is halfway down the lake on VT-5A, the trailhead is across the street from a small parking pull-off. 
  • Mount Pisgah East Trail: Turns east off of Mt. Pisgah North Trail and terminates at a logging road.

Trail Manager

For more information about the park visit the Northwoods Stewardship Center or Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation online or contact: 

NorthWoods Stewardship Center
154 Leadership Drive/PO Box 220
East Charleston, Vermont 05833
Phone: (802) 723-6551

Westmore Trails Committee
Town of Westmore
54 Hinton Hill Road
Orleans, VT 05860
Phone: (802) 525-3007

VT Dept. Forests, Parks & Recreation District 5: St. Johnsbury District
374 Emerson Falls Road
St. Johnsbury, VT 05819
Phone: (802) 751-0136


abrookswisc March 31, 2016, 5:13 pm EDT

Great maps! It would be very helpful to include include better coverage of roads leading to trail heads in Westmore. For example, the Long Pond Road leads to the trail heads for both Haystack and Bald Hill Mts. Hinton Hill Road will get one to the Telegraph trail to Bald Hill Mt. Both of these roads connect to Highways on the east side of the mountains as well as from the Willoughby Lake side. The CCC roads in the Willoughby Forest should also be included. All the roads mentioned show up well on the USGS topo maps.Looking forward to summer on the trails.Art Brooks, President, Westmore Association.

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