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Lake Champlain Ferry Dock, Downtown Burlington where King Street meets the Lake Champlain.


The Cycle the City loop starts near the ferry dock on the waterfront in downtown Burlington. A stop at nearby Local Motion is a great way to get additional maps or answers to any questions before the trip. The route quickly leaves the commercial area as it heads north. Ascending a small hill in Ethan Allen Park offers the opportunity for a great view from the site of the tower on the left side of the trail. A ride through the woods brings you into the Intervale, a flood plain of the Winooski River. Both paved and unpaved options exist at this point prior to climbing to the University of Vermont campus and the historic hill section of the City. Linger along the way to appreciate the variety and history that Burlington has to offer prior to the rapid descent back to Lake Champlain.

Cue sheet:

  • The Lakeshore
    • 0.0 mi. The loop begins at Local Motion in front of Union Station. Head north on bike path alongLake Champlain
    • 1.5 mi. Pass North Beach to your left.
    • 2.6 mi. Turn right at Leddy Park crossing andexit through parking lot onto Leddy Park Road.
  • Ethan Allen’s World
    • 3.1 mi. Turn right onto North Avenue. Ride south on sidewalk or roadway (depending on your preference).
    • 3.3 mi. Cross North Avenue at traffic light and enter Ethan Allen Park.
    • 3.9 mi. At fork in park, stay right.
    • 4.2 mi. At fork in park, stay right, going downhill.
    • 4.3 mi. Cross bridge and veer left onto the Beltline path to Ethan Allen Homestead.
  • The Intervale - Unpaved Route
    • 4.8 mi. Turn left at Ethan Allen Homestead. Follow green posts with bicycle icon through the Intervale.
    • 7.3 mi. Pass the Intervale Center and Gardener’s Supply.
    • 7.6 mi. Cross Riverside Avenue and head up hill on North Prospect Street.
  • The Beltline - Paved Route
    • 4.8 mi. Continue straight on Beltline path to Manhattan Drive.
    • 7.1 mi. Turn left onto Manhattan Drive, following the road onto Intervale Avenue.
    • 7.4 mi. Turn left onto Archibald Street. Old Spokes Home is left on North Winooski Avenue.
    • 7.9 mi. Veer right onto North Prospect Street. University Row
    • 8.4 mi. Cross Pearl Street/Colchester Avenue.
    • 8.6 mi. At College Street traffic light, turn left onto shared-use path through the University Historic Green.
    • 8.8 mi. Cross Main Street at traffic light in front of Morrill Hall and stay on path around Pomeroy Hall. Cross South Prospect Street and look for Maple Street soon after.
  • The Hill Section
    • 9.0 mi. Turn right onto Maple Street.
    • 9.2 mi. Pass Champlain College’s core campus.
  • Steamboat Boomtown
    • 9.7 mi. Cross Pine Street, continuing downhill.
    • 9.9 mi. Turn right onto bike path.
    • 10.1 mi. End at Local Motion and Union Station

Other Information

This is a designated Lake Champlain Bikeways loop, part of a 1,300+ mile network of bicycle routes. The Champlain Bikeway offers a 363-mile principal route around the entire Lake and along the Richelieu River to Chambly, Québec. This loop is one of many that provide 992 additional miles along a vast network of quiet back roads.

Trail Manager

Visit Lake Champlain Bikeways or Local Motion online for more information and a printable brochure and map or contact:

Lake Champlain Bikeways
c/o Local Motion, 1 Steele Street #103
Burlington, VT 05401
Phone: (802) 652-2453

Local Motion
1 Steele St. #103
Burlington, VT 05401
Phone: (802)861-2700


trail finder May 02, 2019, 12:20 pm EDT

Thanks for the head's up! The changes have been added as of 5/2/19. -The Trail Finder Team

cycle the city vt April 30, 2019, 9:23 pm EDT

This information is out of date. Route was updated a few years ago to go straight down Maple Street (taking out the Howard St section). See map at localmotion.org/ctc. Thanks

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