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Trail Activity Hiking
Location Sutton (VT), Westmore (VT)
Difficulty Moderate
Length2.7 miles, Network

This trail can be modified to suit the desires of all hikers and offers scenic views of Wheeler Pond and the surrounding mountains.

Trail Activity Hiking
Location Barton (VT), Sutton (VT)
Difficulty Easy
Length1.0 miles, One Way

This short hike offers hikers beautiful views of Wheeler Pond, Wheeler Mountain, and the "gnome stairs," and leads hikers to waterfront Green Mountain Club cabins.

Trail Activity Hiking
Location Chesterfield (NH), Hinsdale (NH)
Difficulty Moderate
Length4.1 miles, One Way

Steep switchbacking trail to the flat summit of Mount Wantastiquet with sweeping views across the Connecticut River Valley.

Trail Activity Hiking Snowshoeing
Location Sutton (VT)
Difficulty Moderate
Length2.1 miles, Network

This hike climbs Wheeler Mountain to cliffs that offer spectacular views of Lake Willoughby, the cliffs of Mount Pisgah, and the surrounding mountains.

Trail Activity Hiking
Location Plymouth (VT)
Difficulty Moderate
Length1.0 miles, Round Trip

The Vista Trail provides a scenic view of Echo Lake.

Trail Activity Hiking Walking Ungroomed Cross-country Skiing
Location Guilford (VT), Vernon (VT)
Difficulty Easy
Length1.5 miles, Network

Three short hiking trails are located within Fort Dummer State Park.

Trail Activity Hiking Mountain Biking Ungroomed Cross-country Skiing
Location Jamaica (VT)
Difficulty Easy
Length2.3 miles, One Way

Jamaica State Park contains adventures for everyone with its easy river access for swimmers, boaters, and anglers; rugged hiking terrain; family-friendly rail trail; and scenic vistas.

Trail Activity Hiking
Location Wilmington (VT)
Difficulty Moderate
Length1.7 miles, Loop

Molly Stark State Park

The Mt. Olga Trail leads to the Mt. Olga fire tower, providing 360 degree views.

Trail Activity Hiking Mountain Biking
Location Waterbury (VT)
Difficulty Moderate, Advanced, Expert
Length11.3 miles, Network

One of the best expert/intermediate mountain bike destinations in Vermont.

Trail Activity Hiking
Location Townshend (VT)
Difficulty Moderate
Length3.4 miles, Round Trip

The Bald Mt Hiking Trail provides nice views from the summit of Bald Mt.