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Trail Activity Hiking
Location Charlestown (NH)
Difficulty Easy
Length0.9 miles, Network

Narrow path leads down a set of rock steps towards the Connecticut River under forested cover and continues north along the river to an open field. The trail loops back through field and woodlands to the SCA office facilities.

Trail Activity Hiking Horseback Riding
Location Acworth (NH), Charlestown (NH)
Difficulty Moderate
Length3.1 miles, One Way

Up a snowmobile trail, around Halls Pond and back.

Trail Activity Walking Bicycling
Location Keene (NH)
Difficulty Easy
Length4.0 miles, Network

Walking paths crisscross this 130-acre forested hillside park with a pond in Keene.

Trail Activity Walking Hiking Snowshoeing
Location Keene (NH)
Difficulty Easy, Moderate
Length0.9 miles, Loop

Short loop walk along a forested ridge with a spectacular view over Keene from the southern end.

Trail Activity Walking Hiking
Location Benson (VT), Castleton (VT), Hubbardton (VT)
Difficulty Easy, Moderate
Length8.7 miles, Network

Situated at the extreme northern end of the Taconic Mountain Range, Bomoseen State Park provides a mosaic of forest, water, and open land on nearly 4,000 acres.

The Glen Lake Trail connects Bomoseen and Half Moon campgrounds.

Trail Activity Hiking
Location Hubbardton (VT)
Difficulty Moderate
Length1.8 miles, Network

The trail system offers amazing rock features, wide panoramic views, and is blazed in red and yellow.

Trail Activity Walking Hiking
Location Weathersfield (VT)
Difficulty Easy, Moderate
Length1.0 miles, Network

Take in views of the scenic Connecticut River Valley from atop the Pinnacle or hike along the Connecticut River on a footpath loop south of the campsites.

Trail Activity Walking
Location Keene (NH), Roxbury (NH)
Difficulty Easy
Length0.5 miles, Network

Otter Brook Lake is a developed recreation area just east of Keene, offering a swimming beach, picnic shelters, playing fields, and lakeside walking.

Trail Activity Hiking
Location Benson (VT)
Difficulty Moderate
Length2.4 miles, Loop

Hike over a shrub swamp, past vernal pools, through an oak-hickory forest and check out a glorious outcrop community of wildflowers in the spring.

Trail Activity Hiking Mountain Biking Bicycling
Location Claremont (NH)
Difficulty Moderate, Advanced
Length6.7 miles, Network

325-acre park with multi-purpose woodland trails for hiking, cross-country skiing, running, mountain biking, etc.