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Path is accessible anywhere along Riverside Avenue. Its western terminus is at the Community Health Center; eastern terminus is at the Winooski River Bridge.


This 10-foot wide paved path parallels Riverside Avenue on its northern side and has plenty of room for bicyclists and inline skaters. Path users can avoid the traffic on Riverside Avenue, which is sometimes heavy. Although the path offers some lovely views of the Winooski River, the milieu is primarily urban, with restaurants, gas stations, and laundromats along the way. The trail intersects with Intervale Road, which leads to the Intervale Trail and eventually the Ethan Allen Homestead trail network. You'll also find the trailhead for the River Walk to Salmon Hole just off Intervale Road, as well as the trailhead for Salmon Hole Park located on the eastern end of the path.

The Riverside Avenue Bikepath ends at the Winooski River Bridge. The path does not continue onto this four-lane bridge, though there is a cement sidewalk on the western side. If you are riding a bike from the Riverside path to the bridge, it is recommended that you cross the street and enter traffic, or walk your bicycle on the sidewalk.

Trail Manager

Visit Burlington Department of Parks & Recreation or Burlington Walk/Bike Council online for more information or contact:

Burlington Department of Parks & Recreation
645 Pine Street, Suite B
Burlington, VT 05401
Phone: (802) 864-0123

Bike/Pedestrian Planner

Burlington Walk/Bike Council
Bike/Pedestrian Planner
645 Pine Street
Burlington, VT 05401


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