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Trailhead access for Shrewsbury Peak Trail, Black Swamp Trail and Tinker Brook Trail are along the CCC Road in Coolidge State Forest. 

The trailhead for the Besenyey Loop Trail is on the Old Plymouth Road in Shrewsbury.

The trailhead for the Bucklin Trail is at Brewers Corners on the Wheelerville Road in Mendon.


Elevations in Coolidge range between 1,900 and 4,235 feet and include a "high peaks" area including Killington Peak (4235') Little Killington Peak (3939'), Shrewsbury Peak (3720), Mendon Peak (3840') and Smith Peak (3220'). Coolidge State Forest provides opportunities for low intensity, dispersed recreation including hiking, fishing, hunting, birding, primitive camping, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling.

Shrewsbury Peak Trail - This trail links the CCC Road in Coolidge State Forest with the summit of Shrewsbury Peak. Beginning at the Russell Hill/Pavilion parking area, it ascends steeply to the summit. There are remnants of Civilian Conservation Corps-era construction including the pavilion chimney, wishing well and  Russell Hill lean-to.  The trail begins in northern hardwood forests but enters spruce-fir forests at higher elevations. Views to the south and east from the peak include Plymsbury wetlands and Saltash Mountain.

Black Swamp Trail - This trail begins at the Black Swamp parking area on the CCC Road in Coolidge State Forest and follows the gated road through hardwood forests to its end. Black Swamp is to the northeast. From there the trail ascends through spruce-fir forests to Shrewsbury Peak. This route is a more gradual ascent than the Shrewsbury Peak Trail. The Shrewsbury Peak lean-to is located just below the summit.

Tinker Brook Trail - This trail begins at a sharp turn on the CCC Road in Coolidge State Forest. This moderate hike along an old woods road leads to the Tinker Brook lean-to and the Tinker Brook Natural Area.

Bessenyey Loop Trail - this is primarily a cross-country ski trail. However, this system of old woods roads can also be used as hiking trails in summer. Parking is available on the Old Plymouth Road. Remnant Norway spruce plantations , lowland spruce-fir forests and hardwood forests can all be seen along this trail.

Bucklin Trail - This popular side trail to the Appalachian Trail/Long Trail begins at Brewers Corners on the Wheelerville Road in the town of Mendon and ascends the western flank of Killington Peak. It ends at its intersection with the Long Trail at Cooper Lodge.

Trail Manager

Visit VT Department of Forest, Parks & Recreation online for more information or contact:

VT Dept. Forests, Parks & Recreation District 2: Rutland District
271 North Main Street, Suite 215
Rutland, VT 05701-2423
Phone: (802) 777-7480


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