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Edson Hill Ski Center - From the junction of VT-100 and VT-108 in Stowe village take VT-108 north for about 3.2 miles. Turn right onto Edson Hill Rd. Go about 1.3 miles and look for a sign for Edson Hill Manor on
the left. The Ski Touring Center is about 200 yards up the Manor access road on the right.

Sterling Falls Gorge - From the junction of VT-100 and VT-108 in Stowe village take VT-100 north for 1.7 miles and bear left on Stagecoach Rd. Travel another 1.7 miles and turn left (west) on Sterling Valley Rd. (also known as Sterling Brook Rd.) Follow Sterling Valley Rd. for about 3.5 miles to Sterling Forest Town Parking Area. This is the main parking area. Limited parking can also be found by turning sharply left on Sterling Gorge Rd. just before the town parking area and proceeding a few hundred yards. Park near the CT trail register box. Do not cross or block the wooden bridge.

Ryder Brook Golf Course - Ryder Brook Golf Course is located on the west side of VT-100 in Morristown, 5.7 miles north of the VT-100/VT-108 intersection in the village of Stowe, and 3.2 miles south of the traffic light in Morrisville. Call the Ryder Brook Golf Course at 866-888-5810 for permission to park. Use the north parking lot, which has space for 12 cars. Southbound, ski west and uphill across the resort's golf course.


This moderate section of the Catamount Trail has a little bit of everything. Going north, it begins at Edson Ski Touring Center on groomed trails. It then travels over ungroomed backcountry terrain, a snowmobile trail and open farm fields before it emerges onto Ryder Brook Golf Course near VT-100. The trail goes uphill at first, but then descends gently toward Morrisville. 

The trail passes through one groomed cross country center - Edson Hill Ski Touring. Please stop in at the center to pay the associated trail fee. If snowshoeing, stay off the classic tracks (the deep grooves through the snow) at the centers.

There are opportunities for a loop into the Mt. Mansfield State Forest using the Burling and Beaver Meadow Trails . These trails also provide access to Burling Camp and Beaver Meadow Lodge, two lodges that are open to the public on a first-come, first-served basis. Both have wood stoves. Visitors need to provide their own locally sourced firewood. Take care on stream crossings on these trails.

The Catamount Trail Association also provides detailed section-by-section route descriptions on their website.

Please note that the Catamount Trail is open only in the winter. 

Other Information

Groomed Ski Centers - When you enter the trail system of a cross-country ski center, like Edson Hill Ski Touring, please check in at the center. Skiing the Catamount Trail does not exempt you from paying a trail fee at the center. Bring along your CTA membership card/coupon to get a discount if you have to pay a fee. Please adhere to the center’s policies. Also note that most touring centers do not allow dogs on their trails. Plan your trip accordingly if bringing a canine friend along.

Sharing the trail - The Catamount Trail is primarily managed for cross-country skiing, but snowshoes are welcome. When snowshoeing on the trail, travel in single file, stay on one side of the trail to allow skiers to use the other, avoid stepping on the ski track and if at a cross-country ski center, abide by the rules of the center. 

Snowmobile Trails - The Catamount Trail uses many snowmobile trails through the generosity of the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers (VAST). Skiers should step off the trail to allow snowmobiles to pass. VAST membership dues pay for the maintenance of these trails. If you will be regularly skiing sections of the Catamount Trail that use parts of the VAST trails, please consider supporting the maintenance of these segments by joining VAST. Contact VAST at: 26 Vast Lane, Barre, VT 05641, 802.229.0005

Private Landowners - Much of the Catamount Trail passes over private land. Please respect the rights of landowners and stay on the blazed route. In addition, keep your dog on the trail (have a leash with you!) and carry out any trash that you make or see. If you run into any problems, please contact the Catamount Trail Association.

Trail Manager

For more information and for detailed maps and descriptions, go to the Catamount Trail Association website or contact:

Catamount Trail Association
1 Mill Street, Suite 350
Burlington, VT 05401
Phone: 802-864-5794


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