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The north end of the Wilder Multi-use Path is located at the Dothan Brook School on Route 5, 0.5 miles south of the Hartford/Norwich town line. Parking is available in the school parking lot. The south end of the Multi-use Path is located at the corner of Colonial Drive and Route 5 in Wilder Village, 0.2 miles north of the Wilder Church. Although parking is available on many Wilder Village streets, parking is not available at the south entrance to the Multi-use Path.


The Path is undulating with gentle grades. The Multi-use Path is plowed in the winter by the Hartford Department of Public Works. The Path crosses two quiet residential streets and one busy collector street, Christian Street.

Other Information

The School requests that during school hours, users enter and exit the Path at the south side of the school and refrain from using the school playground and sport fields. During non-school hours, the playground and sport fields are open to the public when not reserved for School or Hartford Parks and Recreation Department sanctioned activities.

Trail Manager

Visit Town of Hartford online for more information or contact:

Highway Superintendent

Hartford Department of Public Works
Highway Superintendent
173 Airport Road
White River Junction, VT 05001
Phone: (802) 295-3622


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