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This trail may be accessed off the eastern end of Manhattan Drive deep in Burlington's Old North End, at the northern corner of St. Louis Street. At this end, the trail drops straight down into the intervale, below Route 127, then slowly climbs back up to the level of Route 127.

The trail may also be accessed from the northern end of Ethan Allen Parkway in Burlington's New North End. Two other trailheads may be found in Ethan Allen Park and from Ethan Allen Homestead. There is plenty of parking in both of those locations.


This off-road path connects Burlington's Old North End and New North End on a route paralleling North Avenue and Route 127. With more hills than the Island Line Trail, this path offers a distinct vantage point over the Intervale and Winooski River. Meander through the historic Ethan Allen Homestead and connect to Ethan Allen Park.

Other Information

Closure Notice: Due to erosion, a significant section of this path has been closed between WVPD/Ethan Allen Homestead and Ethan Allen Parkway. Closed portions are highlighted in yellow on the map. Users traveling from the Old North End will not be able to connect to the New North End via this route. Alternative routes should be sought, including the Waterfront Bikepath and/or North Avenue.

Trail Manager

Visit Burlington Department of Parks & Recreation or Burlington Walk/Bike Council online for more information or contact:

Burlington Department of Parks & Recreation
645 Pine Street, Suite B
Burlington, VT 05401
Phone: (802) 864-0123

Bike/Pedestrian Planner

Burlington Walk/Bike Council
Bike/Pedestrian Planner
645 Pine Street
Burlington, VT 05401


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