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There are three entrances to this trail, two off of South Road, and one off of Wendell Drive. To get to South Road, take NH-125 into Brentwood. The westerly-most South Road entrance is opposite 210 South Road near a telephone pole. The easterly-most South Road entrance is up a short dirt road which enters across from 174 South Road. Go up the dirt driveway and bear right towards the wooded area where the trail should be visible. If you drive down South Road and turn onto Lake Road, turn right onto Wendell Drive. The trailhead on Wendell Drive is on the right, just past the intersection with Lake Road. None of these trailheads have signs and they may be difficult to see.


This network of trails, owned by the Town of Brentwood, has two entrances off of South Road and one off of Wendell Drive. From Wendell Drive, follow Old Haigh Road, a Class VI road, for 0.4 miles to a bridge which crosses Little River. At the end of the bridge, the Averill's Rock Trail splits to the left and follows Little River for 0.2 miles and terminates at a large boulder called Averill's Rock. Please note that the Averill's Rock Trail crosses private land. Please stay on the trail. Continuing instead on Old Haigh Road, the Stevens North Pasture Trail splits off to the right, but there is currently no gate or access to the trail. In another 0.1 miles the Stevens South Pasture Trail splits to the right. There is an operable field gate that is sometimes tied shut, please leave the gate as you find it. The Steven’s South Pasture Trail runs for 0.2 miles and meets another gate which should also be left as it was found. This portion of the trail goes to the river crossing and to Martin Trail. The Old Haigh Road Trail continues for another 0.2 miles and exits onto South Road directly across from 174 South Road. 

Beginning at the westerly-most South Road entrance (across from 210 South Road), the Martin Trail turns right 0.2 miles and forks at about 0.4 miles. The fork to the left is the most direct route to the river and Steven’s field, an actively used cow pasture. Note that there is no bridge over the river, just some stepping stones. The pasture is fenced with barbed wire and gated. At the time this trail map was prepared, the gate at west side of the pasture was open, but the gate at Old Haigh Road was tied shut and was not operable, making it difficult to navigate this portion of the trail. Exiting the cow pasture, the trail enters onto Old Haigh Road which has exits on both South Road and Wendell Drive. Old Haigh Road is a Class VI road and the portion from the Stevens field to the bridge is a Class A trail.

Please note:

  • Trailheads are unmarked
  • The property has been recently logged, making it difficult to find the trail
  • The trail may be difficult to distinguish in the field areas
  • Be aware of livestock
  • Please shut and secure the gates behind you, if closed when you find them
  • Portions of this trail can have large puddles and may be very muddy after rainfall
  • Snowmobile use by permission

Trail Manager

For more information visit the Town of Brentwood Conservation Commission's page or contact:

Town of Brentwood
1 Dalton Road
Brentwood, NH 03833
Phone: (603) 642-6400 x10


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Leave No Trace Principle

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Dispose of solid human waste in a cathole 6-8 inches deep and at least 200 feet from water, camp, or trails. Don't forget to cover it up when you're done!