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There is no parking area for this trail -- you will have to park along the road. To get to the eastern trailhead, walk to the bottom of the driveway at 216 South Road in Brentwood and bear right to continue onto the trail. The trailhead is hard to see from the street; it is unsigned.


This is an easy trail that runs on Class VI roads and is a good place to take a quick walk.  The trail follows Old Bartlett Road into Kingston before turning onto Little River Road and passing back into Brentwood. The exit of the trail (or western trailhead) is adjacent to a horse farm on South Road. Taking a right after you get back to the road will bring you back to the entrance. This trail is very flat and wide in most areas; portions of this trail can get very muddy after rainfall. PLEASE NOTE: These roads run through private property. Please respect private landowners and stay on the trail.

Trail Manager

For more information visit the Town of Brentwood Conservation Commission's page or contact:

Town of Brentwood
1 Dalton Road
Brentwood, NH 03833
Phone: (603) 642-6400 x10


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Leave No Trace Principle

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Keep your pets under control at all times, to protect both them and wild animals, fragile environments, and the enjoyment of other visitors.