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Lyme Side Parking: The parking lot is located at the end of the unpaved Dorchester Road. From NH-10 at the Lyme Town Common, travel 7.7 miles on Dorchester Road and look for the parking lot on the left. This parking lot is closed during mud season, please do not drive down this dirt road during this time.

NH 118 Parking: The parking lot is located at 1756 NH Route 118, near downtown Dorchester. From the NH-25 & NH-118 junction in West Rumney, travel 5.9 miles south on NH 118 and look for the parking lot on the right. From the US-4 & NH-118 junction in Canaan, travel 9.2 miles north on NH-118 and look for the parking lot on the left.

D Acres Parking: This parking lot is located at 218 Streeter Woods Road. From NH 118, travel west on Streeter Woods Road for 1.0 mile. The parking lot for mountain bikers is on the left side of the road. See the D Acres Trail Posting for more information. 

There are a number of parking areas shown on the map which can facilitate shuttling. For good neighbor relations please don’t park on town roads. Parking areas close at dark.


Our goal is to create a backcountry "wilderness" mountain bike and cross-country ski experience that the whole family can enjoy and contribute to building a healthy community.

We currently have over 60 miles of mountain bike trails with half of that being machine built single track trails. Our goal in 2019 is to increase that to 80 miles of mountain bike trails with half of it being machine built single track trails.

Trails are open for mountain biking June 1st to November 5th

Fees: There are no fees required to use these trails but we hope to earn a SMILE from those that explore them. Earning that smile is much more valuable than any kind of monetary gain we could receive. And if you have a really good experience maybe you can bring that SMILE home with you and share it with others.

Commercial Activities: We do not charge anyone for the use of Green Woodlands property and we do not expect anyone else to charge for the use of the property either. This includes tours, guides, lessons, equipment rentals, advertising or any other commercial use of Green Woodlands property.

Trail Design & Construction: The machine-built single-track trails are designed and built by avid mountain bikers with love of the sport. Most of the double-track trails are part of our cross-country ski network and were designed by John Morton of Morton Trails, who designs trails throughout the world.

Maps: There are 24" by 36" map kiosks at most intersections. Digital maps are available on the Trailforks.com app., the Trailfinder online trails portal, and a downloadable geo-referenced PDF compatible with apps like Avenza or for large scale printing is available on this website. There are also brochures with maps located in most parking areas.

Cabins & Buildings: Please don’t go near the cabins and buildings. We have a ton of trails and a lot of property for the public to explore, and only small areas near the cabins are marked as private. Please help us out by respecting that.

Please, No Motorized Vehicles, Camping, Overnight Parking of RVs, Fires, or Grilling on the Property.

E-bikes: We've had inquiries periodically about e-bikes. These inquiries have come from athletes recovering from injury or illness, mature riders, military vets, and others. People dedicated to the sport, but who were struggling to find places to ride. Previously, we had followed the US Forest Service policy with regard to e-bikes, but we also started doing research and talking to people about this evolving technology and how it might fit into our philosophy here at Green Woodlands Foundation. So, after a good deal of research, discussions with our team as well as other mountain bike organizations, we've decided to move forward with allowing class 1 pedal assist e-bikes on our trails on a pilot basis this year. Class 1 e-bikes are defined as pedal assist only, no throttle, with a max assisted speed of 20 mph. We ask that you help us by keeping within these guidelines, and help this pilot be successful. Other e-bike classes (eg, throttle based) or motorized vehicles are not allowed on Green Woodlands trails.

Dogs on Trails: Well-behaved dogs are welcome on mountain bike trails.

Fat Biking During the Winter: Sorry our cross country ski trails just cannot handle fat biking in the winter months. We do not groom the singletrack for fat biking in the winter. Snowshoes are okay to use on the ski trails.

Important Notices:

Mountain biking and entering the property is at your own risk.

We’re fortunate that New Hampshire has strong laws limiting landowner liability, which allows us to open up our property to be used by the public for recreational purposes. This is just a reminder that you enter this property at your own risk. You should enter this property with an understanding that mountain biking is a hazardous sport; please ride to your ability.

By entering this property, you accept the hazards and dangers of injury incident thereto, including negligence and carelessness on the part of others. Marked and unmarked dangers, such as rocks, roots, fallen trees, mud, sharp turns, bridges without railings, wildlife, dogs, horses, and other hazards exist. Falls and collisions are a part of mountain biking, and injuries may result.

We do not have trail guards or monitors and we do not perform an end of day sweep of the trails. In other words, this is wilderness property and we all have to be responsible for ourselves.

Note: there is almost no cell service out here.

Other Information

D Acres: Our neighbor has also opened up miles of trails that connect to ours. They have camping, lodging, occasional food, and terrific educational events. For more info, go to their website or Facebook.

Trail Manager

For more information, go to the Green Woodlands website or contact:

Green Woodlands Foundation
PO Box 330
Lyme, NH 03769


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