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Trails: Private Property –
This trail passes through private property. Please respect the landowner and protect future access by staying on the marked trail and following all rules.


The parking pull-out is located off of VT-114 near the north end of Norton Pond in Norton, on the right side of the road between DeVost Road (to the south) and Lake Station Road (to the north). To get to the trailhead from Norton, drive south on VT-114 for 4.7 miles, then turn right into the parking area. The trailhead is across the road from the parking area. 


This trail is an excellent remote backcountry experience, but can be wet in some places so plan accordingly. From the road, the trail follows the white blazes up a moderate climb, crossing a number of seasonal streams and eventually reaching a series of abandoned beaver ponds. The trail crosses a number of poorly drained areas, passes the Middle Mountain Trail on the right, and then emerges on an expansive logging area. The trail then winds through the wood and crosses a large logging road. From there, the trail climbs to a short lookout spur where views are available to the west. As the trail approaches the summit, the slope increases markedly and winds over granite bedrock to the shoulder of the mountain and approaches the summit clearing. From the summit, there are limited views of the Nulhegan Basin to the south.

Trail Manager

For more information about the trails, visit the Northwoods Stewardship Center online or contact:

NorthWoods Stewardship Center
154 Leadership Drive/PO Box 220
East Charleston, Vermont 05833
Phone: (802) 723-6551


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Dispose of Waste Properly

Wash your dishes at least 200 feet away from water sources, use biodegradable soap sparingly, and scatter the dishwater.