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Access & Parking: Park at Sugarbush Resort at the top of the Access Rd. or the lower parking lot across from the Sugarbush Inn.


The Eurich Pond area has 9 miles of singletrack trails that were built for mountain biking, but are open to hiking, skiing and snowshoeing. The trails are generally quite difficult with mid-range flow ratings. Technical challenges are interspersed throughout the trail system. The exception is Swell Hill, an intermediate route that climbs to the top of the ridge.

This network connects to the Kingsbury Bridge Greenway just off of VT-100 in Warren and to the Chase Brook Town Forest trails by taking Ridgie to Techie. Bikers can also connect to the Camel's Hump State Forest - Howe Block Mountain Bike trails by riding to the Tucker Hill Road trailhead and then following the road to the Enchanted Forest Trail.

Eurich Pond is a beautiful destination on its own, but other features of note include several beaver ponds in the area, huge old growth maple and ash trees, and beautiful views of Lincoln Peak, Slide Brook Basin and Mt. Ellen (when the leaves are down).

Parts of this network are near homes and business. Be aware and respectful in these areas.  

For specific trail descriptions, go to the Mad River Riders website

Other Information

Mad River Riders Trail Rules

  • Always ride, ski, run and walk in control. Bikers yield to all pedestrian users. Skiers yield to hikers and snowshoers. Climbing traffic has the right of way. Please stop in a safe visible spot off the trail.
  • Stay off trails when the ground is soft, especially in winter and spring. Avoid leaving deep footprints and ruts. Help with maintenance. Build or change only with permission and planning with the Riders' trail crew.
  • Respect landowners, neighbors, and other visitors. Trail use is dependent on positive landowner relationships and respectful sharing.
  • Park in legal areas. 
  • Due to livestock, food production, user safety and water/habitat quality concerns, please keep pets leashed under control at all times and clean up after them. 
  • Leave no trace. Pack it in, pack it out. No camping or fires, unless otherwise permitted by the landowner. 
  • Remember to share gracefully, smile widely and appreciate often.

 This trail is part of the Mad River Valley Trails Collaborative.

The Collaborative is a watershed-wide network of lands and trails created through a partnership of local organizations, generous property owners, towns, the State of Vermont, the US Forest Service, and many volunteers. These trails reflect the Mad River Valley’s love of the outdoors and commitment to stewardship of land and recreational opportunities for current and future generations. Enjoy and help us care for this place. Click here to learn more and support recreation in the Mad River Valley.

Trail Manager

For more information, visit the Mad River Riders website or contact:

Vermont Mountain Bike Association: Mad River Riders


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Leave No Trace Principle

Respect Wildlife

Avoid known animal mating or nesting areas during sensitive times.