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From Burlington, take Route 127 north for 5 miles. Bear left onto Porters Point Road near the drive-in theater. After 1.2 miles turn left on to Colchester Point Road. After a short drive, turn right into Colchester Airport Park. Park in the gravel lot. Walk across the ball field towards the cedar posts and the old runway. Follow the runway to a short trail into the woods and the beginning of the boardwalk. Cyclists and pedestrians can take the Burlington Bikepath north to reach the bog.


Located along the shore of Lake Champlain, this 175-acre natural area consists of open peatland, shrub and tree dominated swamps, open water areas called lags, sand dunes and upland sites. The bog began forming about 9,000 years ago, and the accumulated peat now averages three meters in depth with some areas exceeding six meters. A boardwalk and floating deck lets visitors explore the bog without getting soaked or damaging the fragile wetland moss and sedge. 

Unique ecosystems include: red maple-black ash swamp, dwarf shrub bog, alder swamp.

Other Information

  • Use of natural areas is limited to such passive recreational activities as hiking, bird watching, photography, nature study, etc.
  • Horses, ATVs, bicycles, and trail bikes are not allowed.
  • Stay on designated paths. Please respect restricted area signs.
  • Remove no plants, animals, artifacts, or rocks from preserves.
  • Please take care to not track in the seeds of invasive plants on boots or clothing.
  • Camping is not allowed. Build no fires, and leave no litter.
  • Keep group size small.
  • Please leave pets at home. However, seeing eye dogs are welcome.
  • Hunting is allowed at all but on preserve by permission only.  Contact Rick Paradis at (802) 656-4055.

Trail Manager

Visit University of Vermont Environmental Program and The Nature Conservancy in Vermont online for more information or contact Lynn McNamara, Critical Lands Manager for Northern VT:

The Nature Conservancy: Montpelier Office
575 Stone Cutters Way
Montpelier, VT 05602

University of Vermont - The Environmental Program
153 South Prospect Street
Burlington, VT 05401
Phone: (802) 656-4055


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Leave No Trace Principle

Plan Ahead and Prepare

Avoid hypothermia, even in warm weather, by limiting your sweat and exposure to cold water. Bring warm and dry clothes in case the shivers set in.