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To  Devil's Den Trailhead parking: From Bradford's only traffic light at the intersection of Routes 5 & 25, head on Route 25 West for 4 miles. Turn right onto Chase Hollow Road. Travel approximately 1.2 miles, and the parking area is on the left.

To Wrights Mountain Trailhead parking: From Bradford's only traffic light at the intersections of Routes 5 & 25, head on Route 25 West for 5.2 miles. Turn right onto Wrights Mountain Road. Go approximately 2.4 miles to the height of the land; parking area is on the right.


Access to the Wrights Mountain Trailhead from Wrights Mountain Road is available year-round. A rustic cabin provides shelter at Bradford's highest point, the summit of Wrights Mountain, with an elevation of 1,822 feet. This vantage point offers spectacular views in all seasons, and special views can be seen from various vantage points carved out on both sides of the main Wrights Mountain Trail. In 2009, to mark the 15-year anniversary of the original Wrights Mountain parcel being conserved, the 1/2-mile meandering "Appreciation Way" was built as a somewhat parallel offshoot of the main trail. It was dedicated to the many trailwork volunteers who helped make these woods accessible to hikers of all ages and abilities. Be sure to check out the photo gallery of many of those volunteers on the inside wall of the cabin at the top.

Access to the Devil's Den Trailhead is available when Chase Hollow Road is open, as this road is not plowed beyond the snowplow turn-around in the winter months. (Please DO NOT park in the snow plow turn-around on Chase Hollow Road.) The unique feature with easy access from this trailhead is the Devil's Den ravine and cave. The cave is best explored with a flashlight, although some natural light enters through openings between the rocks that form the "roof" of the cave.

If you are visiting with friends, and traveling in two vehicles, leave one vehicle at the Devil's Den Trailhead parking area and carpool around to the Wright's Mountain Trailhead (via Chase Hollow Road, turn left on Goshen Road East, then left again on Wrights Mountain Road to the Wright's Mountain Trailhead parking area at the height of the land). This hike of approximately 4 miles will take you up to the cabin, then down the other side of the mountain on a foot path through a very quiet woods to a highly productive vernal pool. At that point, you have the option of following "J. Arthur's Trail" or "Ernie's Trail" to a look-out over the Devil's Den ravine. From there you can walk down and have two options: 1) Take a right and enter the ravine and visit the cave; or 2) take a left, cross a foot bridge and follow the trail to the top of a hill. From there you could turn left onto Chase Hollow Trail or go a little further and take a left onto "Joel's Trail." Either one will lead you down to the Devil's Den Trailhead parking area on Chase Hollow Road, where you left a vehicle.

Advisory: Hunting is allowed on these lands. During hunting season wear bright colors and make your presence known, stay on the trails, or avoid using these trails until the hunting season is over. Remember, hunters helped provide some of the local funds that made it possible to acquire this land, and most are very good stewards of the forest, so please respect their right to be here.

Other Information

The Wrights Mountain parcel includes 443 acres of forest land and wildlife habitat, owned by the Town of Bradford and managed by the Stewardship Committee of the Bradford Conservation Commission. This land is permanently conserved as wildlife habitat and forest land through a conservation management agreement with the Upper Valley Land Trust and is open to the public for recreation, education and enjoyment. Seven miles of pedestrian trails have been constructed and maintained by volunteers. In recent years a sustainable timber harvest took place and the proceeds from timber sales are used for maintenance of the property and for funding public events.

The Bradford Conservation Commission would like to acknowledge the supporters of the Wright's Mountain trailhead map/brochures: Wells River Savings Bank, North of the Falls, Copeland Furniture, MEPriestley Digital & Graphic Design, Silver Fern Garden Design, Colatina Exit, Hill's 5 & 10, Perfect Pear Cafe, Bliss Village Store, Bradford Sports, The Local Buzz, South End Market, Farm Way, The Hungry Bear Pub & Grill.

Trail Manager

Visit Bradford Conservation Commission online for more information and a printable map or contact:

Bradford Conservation Commission
PO Box 399
Bradford, VT 05033
Phone: (802) 439-3562


lelia September 26, 2018, 4:50 pm EDT

As of 2018, the Wright's Mountain Trails are now designated as a National Recreation Trail.

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