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Parking is available at Allen Brook School and the Williston Community Park, behind Williston Central School.


Nice connecter trail between Williston Village and Taft Corners. Along the way, the trail passes by Williston Community Park, Central School, Metcalf Drive neighborhoods, Allen Brook School neighborhoods, Williston's parks and natural areas, including the Allen Brook Nature Trail. In the middle, between Old Stage Road and Metcalf Drive, find your way on the streets or sidewalks through the neighborhood. The trail's western terminus connects to the Marshall Avenue Bike Path. Be cautious at road crossings.

Trail Manager

Visit Town of Williston online for more information or contact:

Williston Parks & Recreation Committee
Recreation Dept. Director
Williston, VT
Phone: (802) 878-1239


Williston Recreation Department
7900 Williston Road
Williston, VT 05495
Phone: (802) 878-1239


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Leave No Trace Principle

Respect Wildlife

Avoid unwanted animal guests: store your food and trash securely and keep your camp clean of crumbs and spills.