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The trails are on the south-facing hillside behind the West Monitor Barn on Route 2 east of Richmond on land conserved by the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps (VYCC). The VYCC entrance driveway is about 1.9 miles east of the traffic light in the center of Richmond. The trailhead is to the right of the driveway that leads to the Monitor Barn and just below the solar panels in a grassy meadow.

Parking space is available in the large parking area in front of the Barn.


These trails have been established by VYCC using some old roads and also new trails on conserved land that was previously farm land, now mostly forested. The trails are mostly single-track, with some steep sections. They are great for relaxed hiking as well as for use by runners for a 5 km work-out and annual race. The site includes a number of lean-to shelters that are used by VYCC crews during the summer season. The route from the monitor barn up to these shelters varies from year to year as it crosses active farm land, and no permanent trail has been created, but there is a long-term plan to establish a fixed route that will be accessible for people of all abilities.

For non-motorized use (no bicycles). 

Trail Manager

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Leave No Trace Principle

Plan Ahead and Prepare

Be prepared for emergencies. Pack extra clothing, food, and water and also a flashlight, first aid and repair kit, matches/fire starters, whistle, signaling mirror, and pocket knife.