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From Campus: From Pettee Hall, walk down Colovos Road and under the railroad trestle. Then take a left, walk along the road until you reach a fork in the road. Look off the road to the right and there is a path -- this is the beginning of College Woods. There is parking in this area, but it is limited to weekends or permit holders.

Public Access/Parking: From Durham town center head southwest on Mill Road. After you cross the bridge over the railroad tracks, you'll see a small pullout on the right with parking for 1-2 vehicles and a kiosk. If parking is not available here there are 2 more pullouts farther along Mill Road with access to the trail system.


College Woods is located on the west side of the main campus. It comprises approximately 250 acres of woods, streams, and small fields. 

Recreational activities occurring within the entire College Woods are hiking, walking, skiing, jogging, bird watching, and general relaxation. Biking is allowed outside of the Natural Area. Hunting is not allowed in any areas of College Woods.

The main trail departing from the Campus trailhead is an equal access trail, which follows ADA guidelines for maintenance and is surfaced in packed gravel.

Other Information

Presently, some 70 acres within the main woods area is designated as a Natural Area. This designation places these stands in a preservation status. This area was designated in 1961. Since this time nothing has been done to alter natural process within the Natural Area. Dead or dying trees have only been removed when they pose a hazard to trail traffic and safety.

Occasionally, timber harvests are conducted in areas outside the Natural Area to fulfill specific management objectives. These harvests are used to create areas to support specific educational and research activities.

The following activities are presently registered as in progress in College Woods:

  • Orienteering Events (Recreational and Instructional)
  • Tree boring labs (Instructional)
  • Natural resource processes labs (Instructional)
  • Passive vegetative sampling (Research)
  • Long-term hydrology studies (Research)
  • White pine growth & yield studies (Research)
  • Physical education classes (Instructional)
  • Low impact Army and Air Force ROTC activities (Instructional)
  • Permanent rainfall & litter plots (Instructional)
  • Vegetation identification labs (Instructional)

University of New Hampshire
Office of Woodlands and Natural Areas
Kingman Farm
333 Knox Marsh Road
Madbury, NH 03823
Durham, NH 03824
Phone: (603) 862-3951


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Avoid hypothermia, even in warm weather, by limiting your sweat and exposure to cold water. Bring warm and dry clothes in case the shivers set in.