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Trails: Private Property –
This trail passes through private property. Please respect the landowner and protect future access by staying on the marked trail and following all rules.


From the junction of NH-26 and NH-16: Travel north of NH-16 for 8.3 miles. A large parking area and boat launch are located on the right side of the road. Park here and walk across the road and a few hundred feet south on NH-16 to the small wooden trailhead sign set back on a private lawn. The trail leaves from this point, crosses a wooden footbridge and passes behind a private residence before entering the woods and beginning to climb. 


The Roost is a small cliff with commanding views of the Magalloway River Valley. The short trail to the top is perfect for an afternoon excursion and, though quite steep at times, is short enough for families with young children to complete. The trail begins at a small sign on the roadside immediately below the cliffs. After crossing a small footbridge and passing behind a private residence, the trail enters rolling woodlands and begins to climb gradually. A quarter-mile in, the trail becomes much more steep as it climbs the broad shoulder of The Roost. After another 0.25 miles, the trail crests the summit of The Roost. The trail leads a short way across the level summit to a break in the trees at the clifftop, rewarding hikers with spectacular views 20 miles south to the peaks of Grafton Notch and immediately down onto the winding path of the braided Magalloway River.

Other Information

This trail crosses private property. Please park in the designated parking area across the road and be respectful of both local residents and landowners. The trail is marked at regular intervals with red diamond blazes.

Trail Manager

For more information, contact Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge:

US Fish & Wildlife Service - Umbagog NWR
PO Box 240
2756 Dam Road
Errol, NH 03579
Phone: (603) 482-3415


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