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Parking is available at Beeken Rivershore Preserve Canoe Launch. Please park here and take the marked Rivershore Trail to its exit onto Cochran Road near the entrance to the Safford Preserve. You could also walk along Cochran Road from the Canoe Launch to the Safford Preserve. (Note: The Rivershore Trail also continues west from this point.) Limited parking is also available in a space near the intersection of Wes White Hill Road and Cochran Road, immediately east of the Cochran Road bridge over the Huntington River. Access to the preserve is only from Cochran Road. There is an informational sign at the trailhead on Cochran Road.

Do not park anywhere on Orchard Lane.


From the marked trailhead on Cochran Road, the trail heads south through an old apple orchard to its intersection with the loop trail. It then heads to the right uphill through a hardwood forest, curving around along the contour line before dropping downhill and bending back to the intersection with the access trail and outlet to Cochran Road. Please stay on the trail, both to protect the preserve's plants and wildlife, and also to avoid going onto adjacent properties. Hunters use the land so be sure to exercise caution during the various hunting seasons.

Please stay on the loop trail. The spur at the south-west side of the trail quickly leads off the preserve and onto posted land owned by a neighbor.

Other Information

The preserve was conserved by the late George Safford and donated to the Richmond Land Trust.

Trail Manager

Visit Town of Richmond or Richmond Land Trust online for more information or contact:

Richmond Land Trust
PO Box 605
Richmond, VT 05477

Richmond Trails Committee
203 Bridge St.
Richmond, VT 05477
Phone: (802) 434-2221


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Leave No Trace Principle

Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces

Make a small campsite, preferably where there is no vegetation.