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From Route 7 South and Church Hill Road, take Church Hill Road to the stop sign and turn right onto Hinesburg Road. Take Hinesburg Road to Spear Street and turn left. Take Spear Street approximately 1.3 miles and take a right onto Carpenter Road. Plouffe Lane will be a short distance down the road on your left. Follow the road to the end (there is a red gate), open the gate and park your car inside.


Just below the parking area at the bottom of the hill there is a picnic table, a great place for families to have a picnic and let the children run around. The meadow trails fork here, one going up the hill and passing a bench that is a good resting spot and affords a nice view of the Green Mountains. The trail continues into a back field and loops back onto itself. As the trail starts to curve back around you have the opportunity to slip into the woods and follow a nice path down to the lower field trail. If you go a little further there is another path into the woods that branches off almost immediately. The right path is a short loop; the left path meanders through the forest and returns to the meadow.

Other Information

Please respect the homeowners on Plouffe Lane by obeying the speed limit and all posted signs.

Trail Manager

Visit Town of Charlotte online for more information or contact:

Charlotte Trails Committee
Charlotte, VT


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Leave No Trace Principle

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Avoid known animal mating or nesting areas during sensitive times.