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Pine Hill Park is located the Giorgetti Athletic Complex at 2 Oak St Ext, Rutland, VT. Maps for the trail system can be found at the kiosk at the trailhead.


Pine Hill Park is owned by the City of Rutland, Vermont and is stewarded by Pine Hill Partnership,  a non-profit volunteer organization formed to steward the park for the enjoyment of all who love the outdoors. Trail construction and maintenance is conducted by volunteers who have donated tens of thousands of strenuous man-hours. All of the dirt digging, shoveling, bridge building, and signage has been entirely donated by volunteers coordinated through the Pine Hill Partnership.

We are always looking for friends to volunteer an hour or two of their time to help the park. If you live out of town and can't make one of our work days, your donation to the park via PayPal is an excellent substitute!

For your donation of $50.00 or more, you will receive a very cool looking Pine Hill Partnership t-shirt (100% heavy duty cotton) and a one year membership in the Pine Hill Partnership.

A reminder—as a city-owned park, Pine Hill is subject to the same rules as all others in the city.

Other Information

Rutland Recreation Department holds some great events at Pine Hill Park. There are 5 K Summer Sunset races, Droopy Pedal Mountain bike race, nature hikes with a local naturalist, women's mountain bike clinic and the youth mountain bike group. Visit www.rutlandrec.com for more information on these up coming programs.

Trail Manager

Visit Rutland Recreation & Parks Department online for more information or contact:

Rutland Recreation and Parks
16 North Street Extension
Rutland, VT 05701
Phone: (802) 773-1822

Pine Hill Partnership, Inc.
3424 Quarterline Rd.
Ctr. Rutland, Vermont 05736
Phone: (802) 775-4867


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