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641 Long Pond Rd, Greensboro, VT

For the trail:
From Greensboro, take Cemetery Ridge Rd. pas the post office onto Garvin Hill Rd., for about 3 miles. At the Y junction, bear left on Hill Rd. In about 0.5 mile, bear right onto Hillcrest Rd. Go 0.75 mile and turn left on Tamarack Ranch Rd. There is an old converted schoolhouse on the right-hand corner. Tamarack Ranch Rd. becomes a rough woods road requiring a high-clearance vehicle. Drive in as far as you feel comfortable, avoiding right-hand turns. Park on the roadside and walk on until you reach the Conservancy trail sign-in box. The Paddock Hill Trail begins here, uphill to your right. For the trail to the pond's north shore, walk past the sign-in box (on your right) for a few yards, turning left at a signpost with markers.

To the Pond's west shore:
To access the cedar swamp and pond, from the center of Greensboro, take Wilson St. north for 0.1 miles. Bear right at the Greensboro Town Hall onto Laredon Ave./Baker Hill Rd./Town Highway #8. You will see Long Pond Road on your right after 4.5 miles. Park along Town Highway #8 and walk down Long Pond Road, or if you have a high-clearance vehicle, you can drive to the end to launch a canoe (about 0.5 miles).


The Paddock Hill trail begins 1.5 miles up Tamarack Ranch Rd and is a 1.2 mile loop up and around the hill.  

Other Information

The Conservancy manages 1,500 feet of shoreline around this remote, undeveloped 99-acre pond, a rarity in Vermont. A large, relatively undisturbed cedar swamp at the southern end of the lake consists of roughly 60 acres of white cedar with little to no woody understory.  A damp, dark, mossy carpet covers the forest floor.  Long Pond is surrounded by a northern hardwood forest and includes habitat for such birds as the common loon and mammals like the river otter and bobcat. Together, the swamp, lake, and surrounding forests support several boreal bird species, including boreal chickadee, cape may warbler, rusty blackbird, and loons.  In addition, the cedar swamp likely provides winter cover for small mammals, such as the masked and short tail shrews, voles and mice.  

Trail Manager

Visit The Nature Conservancy in Vermont online for more information or contact Lynn McNamara, Critical Lands Manager for Northern VT:

The Nature Conservancy: Montpelier Office
575 Stone Cutters Way
Montpelier, VT 05602


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