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Off of Route 125: Head east on 87 (Hedding Road); in about 1.2 miles, take a left on the paved road just past the bridge (that goes over the Lamprey River!). 


This is a small conservation area off of Route 87 near Jacob’s Well Road. To learn more about the sites you'll see along the way, please check out this brochure.

The Lamprey River overflows its banks every year and floods a large portion of the lowlands in this area. Some of animals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians that live here depend on the flooding for food and raising their young. Certain trees and plants, which have adapted to the extremes of water flow, thrive here.

As the river recedes, a large amount of the floodwater is slowly absorbed into the ground, recharging the underground aquifers. These aquifers provide water for our use throughout the year. During this flooding, the river can rearrange itself as it wears down the banks forming a new channel for the main river to flow through. The old river channel then becomes a vernal pool that holds water certain times of the year and provides a haven for wildlife.

This portion of the Lamprey is vital as an important floodplain that many living creatures are tied to, including humans. Towns downstream use the river as a source of drinking water, and the pulse of the floodplains helps keep it clean.

The Lamprey has been designated a National Wild and Scenic River. The designation helps us to preserve important areas like this one and provides support so that towns can work together on river-related issues.

Please tread lightly. Do your part to keep the river clean and protect the wildlife habitat in the area.

Trail Manager

For more information, visit the Epping Conservation Commission online, or contact:

Epping Conservation Commission
Epping, New Hampshire 03042


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