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The trailhead is located at a large parking area at 366 Basin Road in Vernon. From Brattleboro, head south on Route 142 to Vernon. Turn right onto Pond Road (1.5 miles past the railroad crossing), and in 1.2 miles, turn right onto Huckle Hill Road. In 1.4 miles, turn right onto Basin Road and drive to the parking area and kiosk on the right at the end of the road.


The trail network consists of 3.25 miles of trails. Two main loops (the Red and White Loops) comprise the backbone of the system with several other trails branching off. This makes the system fairly easy to navigate. A kiosk with a brochure and map is located at the trailhead. The brochure is also available from the Town of Vernon website.

The Red Loop (0.75 mi.) encircles the black gum swamp, where 400 year old trees are found. It starts from the parking lot and climbs steeply for a short ways to a junction where the actual loop starts. 

White Loop (1.6 mi.) also starts from the parking lot. Follow gated Town Forest Road to the right of the kiosk to walk the loop counter-clockwise. From the parking lot, it is a short 0.25-mile walk to the Eric Haskins Eagle Scout Lookout and Picnic Area. To walk the loop clockwise, follow the footpath by the kiosk. The White Loop and Red Loop coincide for 0.2 miles.

Millers Crossing (0.25 mi.) connects the White Loop at the Lookout and Picnic Area to the Red Loop, allowing visitors to take in both the viewpoint and the black gum swamp. Other trails include Delmarre Divide, High Point Trail, Footbridge Trail, and the State Line Loop.

Trail Manager

The trails and forest are managed by the Town of Vernon Recreation Department.

Town of Vernon Recreation Department
567 Governor Hunt Rd
Vernon, VT 05354
Phone: 802-254-9251

Windham Regional Commission
139 Main Street, Suite 505
Brattleboro, VT 05301
Phone: (802) 257-4547


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