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Hogback is located on Route 9 about 15 miles west of Brattleboro and 25 miles east of Bennington. There are no signs. You know you've arrived when you round the corner and see the amazing 100-mile view to the south open up before you. Park in the big parking lot on the north side of the highway. In winter, you might find a few days when this lot hasn't been plowed. If so, it's okay to park in the gift shop parking lot on the south side of the highway, but please don't block any driveway entrances or mail truck access. The acreage directly lining the highway is privately owned, but neighbors are supportive and willing to allow parking on their property. Please respect their hospitality!

The north side trails start in the northeast corner of the big parking lot. A VAST snowmobile trail starts from that same spot. The VAST trail heads downhill to the left. The Hogback Mountain Conservation Area trails leave the parking lot going uphill to the right. There is a kiosk with maps about 30 feet up the trail.


The former Hogback Ski Area was on the south side of the highway, and it was actually on Mount Olga. The true Hogback Mountain is on the north side of the highway. The north-side network of trails offers many options for creating loops, short or long, in a chain roughly paralleling the ridgeline that links Mount Olga to the southwest over Little Hogback and on to Hogback Mountain in the northeast.  In summer, the view from Hogback Mountain is obscured by foliage, but in winter there's a lovely view, encompassing Mt. Monadnock in the east and Mount Snow and Haystack in the west. Keep your eyes peeled as you pass through the beech groves in the White's Loop area and you'll see several trees that bears have climbed in search of tasty nuts, leaving claw marks up and down the trunk.

All our trails are multi-use, so be prepared to see bikes if you are hiking, and cross-country skiers if you are snowshoeing. Note that we do not groom (pack and track) the trails in winter. It's strictly do-it-yourself skiing on the mountain. Snowmobiles are permitted on the designated VAST trails. Snowmobilers, you are very welcome on the VAST trails, but please do not take your machines off-trail or onto non-VAST trails.

Trail Manager

The Hogback Mountain Conservation Area is owned by the town of Marlboro, Vermont. The town's Hogback Preservation Commission establishes policy and management plans for the area, for approval by the Select Board. The non-governmental non-profit Hogback Mountain Conservation Association (HMCA) is a group of volunteers who help the town implement the adopted plans and policies. HMCA maintains the trails, produces the trail maps, and organizes guided hikes and other activities.

Hogback Mountain Conservation Association
Marlboro, VT 05344


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