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Devil's Hill is in the eastern part of Groton State Forest and access is available from Peacham. 

From Groton Village: travel north on Minard Hill Road which becomes Peacham Road which becomes Groton Road which becomes Peacham-Groton Road which becomes South Main Street in South Peacham. Just north of South Peacham, turn left on Maple Tree Lane and go 0.7 miles. Turn left on Green Bay Loop Road and go 1.3 miles. Turn right on Devil's Hill Road (no road sign) which is just beyond a green log home, and go 1 mile to the kiosk/parking area. It is best to walk from here since parking/turning space is very limited further ahead. About 0.1 miles beyond the kiosk area is a gate across Devil's Hill trail.


Devil's Hill is a small mountain with excellent views to the west. From the gate across the road, the trail travels due west before splitting. Both trails proceed to the summit and those wishing to return along an alternate route may make a simple loop hike. The trail is blue blazed.

Trail Manager

Visit VT Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation online for more information or contact:

VT Dept. Forests, Parks & Recreation District 5: St. Johnsbury District
374 Emerson Falls Road
St. Johnsbury, VT 05819
Phone: (802) 751-0136


michael & marion June 05, 2017, 4:00 pm EDT

This is a great short family-friendly hike with a big rewarding view. I liked that there's a good amount of space to walk around and explore on the flat area at the summit view. Perfect for young children as long as you keep a close eye at the edges at the top. The drive on Mack Road and around Peacham when the leaves are turning is spectacular.

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