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A 19-car parking lot located on Mountain Road across from the Town and Country Resort provides the primary year-round access. Also, trails can be accessed behind Iride Cycles across from the Baggy Knees Shopping Plaza on the Mountain Road and through the Cady Hill Road electric substation. Access from the end of Cady Hill Road is closed in the winter to protect deer wintering area habitat.


Single track trails, most of which are permitted for mountain biking, and well-used for that purpose. Elevation: Trails start at about 750’ elevation and climb to approx 1200’.  The area is heavily forested with two vantage points having great mountain views, and furnished with special green chairs.

To discover what trail activities are permitted on different sections of trail, use the legend in the upper right corner of the map. Here, under the "Trails" tab, you can select the trail activities you are interested in.

Multi-use bike trails include:

  • Charlie's
  • Bridgey
  • Arynn's Loop
  • Green Chair
  • Bear's Trail - A Stowe Classic!
  • Zog's
  • Schween Haus Loops

The trails are on 320 acres owned by the Town of Stowe, with a conservation easement held by Stowe Land Trust providing perpetual public, outdoor recreational use of the property; protecting biological diversity, important wildlife habitat and natural communities; and providing opportunities for timber management and harvesting of timber and non-timber resources. The area is home to many native species of wildlife, including whitetail deer, black bear and fox. Migratory song birds breed in the forest in spring and summer. Most of the property was at one time used either as pasture or crop land having been cleared for farming around the late 1700s.

The property is bisected by a north-to-south running ridgeline, the apex of which is Cady Hill, located to the west of the conserved property. The southwestern portion of the property is dominated by hemlock and is designated by the VT Fish & Wildlife Department as state designated deer wintering area. To the north and east of the ridgeline, the forest cover is predominantly white pine – hardwood forest with white pine, red maple and sugar maple, hemlock and yellow birch. There are approximately 23 acres of Class II wetland, with a large wetland complex stretching northeast to southwest along the southwest portion of the property. Another large wetland complex runs along the eastern boundary below the powerline.

Other Information

  • Bicyclists should yield to hikers and skiers.
  • Dogs must be under voice control or leashed.  Remove dog waste from trails.
  • Leave no trace: Carry In - Carry Out
  • The Schween Haus Loops are a deer wintering area and are closed during winter. Please respect closure signs when posted.

Trail Manager

Visit Town of Stowe or Stowe Mountain Bike Club online for more information and maps or contact:

Town of Stowe
Stowe, VT 05672
Phone: (802) 253-2705

Stowe Mountain Bike Club
PO Box 3722
Stowe, VT 05672


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Leave No Trace Principle

Respect Wildlife

Avoid known animal mating or nesting areas during sensitive times.