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Year-round: From Westford Village, head northeast on the Cambridge Road then turn right onto Old Number 11 Road. Continue for 2 miles, and keep right past Kilburn Lane. The trailhead is at the cul-de-sac at the end of Old Number 11 Road. Please be courteous of the property owner by not blocking access to the house, garage, or the trail. The trail is marked with a "Public Trail" sign.

Non-winter access: From Westford village, take Route 128 South to Osgood Hill Road. Proceed 1.5 miles and turn left onto Machia Hill Road. After 0.7 mile, look for "Public Trail" sign.


Beginning at a defunct beaver pond, this primarily flat, grassy trail crosses through private lands with gentle slopes and ends at Old #11 Road. The Schultz Trail is marked with yellow diamond-shaped trail markers with the Westford Conservation Commission logo all along the trail - there is always one within sight.

Trail Manager

Visit Town of Westford online for more information or contact:

Westford Conservation Commission
Westford Town Office, 1713 Vermont Route 128
Westford, VT
Phone: (802) 598-5601


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