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Park and Ride, 0.25 miles north of intersection of Routes 2 and 7 on Colchester/Milton town line.


The main roads north of Burlington are Interstate 89 and Route 7, but, with a few exceptions, the Roads Less Traveled route offers country road riding. The western part of the route goes along the Lamoille River with its hydro electric plants and home for the UVM crew training center. The dam at the north end of the village of Milton creates Arrowhead Lake which feeds water to the power plant on the opposite side of Route 7. The spray from the spillway can be refreshing on a hot day if the wind is right or chilling on a cool day.

A brief excursion among the side streets in Milton will reveal architecture which documents the town’s historic past. The Town of Colchester is one of the fastest growing regions in Vermont but its historic center, as shown 100 years ago, is entered after the rolling farmland on the ride from Milton. Admire the churches and homes in this area and get some refreshment from a local store prior to returning to the Park and Ride to end the trip.

Cue Sheet:

  • 0.0 miles: Start at Park and Ride 0.25 mile north of intersection of Routes 7 and 2. Go south on Route 7.
  • 0.4 miles: Right on Route 2 - be careful of traffic entering/leaving the I-89.
  • 0.9 miles: Right on Jasper Mine Road.
  • 1.2 miles: Right on Mayo Road.
  • 4.2 miles: Left on Bear Trap Road over the bridge.
  • 4.6 miles: Right on Sanderson Road at top of hill.
  • 7.7 miles: Right on Lake Road and cross over the Interstate.
  • 9.2 miles: Bear right onto Route 7.
  • 10.0 miles: Left on Main Street in Milton toward Westford.
  • 10.6 miles: Right on East Road.
  • 17.9 miles: Right on Route 2A in Colchester.
  • 18.8 miles: Bear right on Route 7.
  • 22.2 miles: Return to Park and Ride.

Other Information

This is a designated Lake Champlain Bikeways loop, part of a 1,300+ mile network of bicycle routes. The Champlain Bikeway offers a 363-mile principal route around the entire Lake and along the Richelieu River to Chambly, Québec. This loop is one of many that provide 992 additional miles along a vast network of quiet back roads.

Trail Manager

Visit Lake Champlain Bikeways online for more information and a printable map or contact:

Lake Champlain Bikeways
c/o Local Motion, 1 Steele Street #103
Burlington, VT 05401
Phone: (802) 652-2453


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