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Richmond Town Park, just south of Route 2 in Richmond.


The "big hills" for bicyclists in the area are the Green Mountain gaps and several of the popular ones are located just south of this loop in Addison County. This route is, however, challenging for the average bicyclist with several long, steady but not too steep climbs. After the long climb out of Richmond, the Audubon Center and the Birds of Vermont Museum can be found on the Sherman Hollow Road on the right. Both facilities offer a way to enjoy the natural environment of Vermont.

The towns of Richmond, Huntington, and Hinesburg are all different but each preserves its historic culture as it emerges into the 21st century. It is easy to imagine that before the age of paved roads and automobiles each of these places was a community unto itself with a church and town hall as its center of activity.

Cue Sheet:

  • 0.0 miles: Start by going south from Richmond Town Park over bridge.
  • 0.3 miles: Right past the Round Church on Huntington Road.
  • 1.0 miles: Straight up the hill on Huntington Road.
  • 2.4 miles: Top of hill.
  • 6.6 miles: Huntington (store).
  • 7.4 miles: Right on Hinesburg Hollow Road.
  • 12.5 miles: Right on Route 116 (store).
  • 16.4 miles: Right on Mechanicsville Road.
  • 17.3 miles: Right on Richmond Road.
  • 23.2 miles: Right at Fays Corner on Hinesburg Road.
  • 24.7 miles: Left on Huntington Road.
  • 25.4 miles: Left at the Round Church on Bridge Road.
  • 25.7 miles: Richmond Town Park.

Other Information

This is a designated Lake Champlain Bikeways Route, part of a 363-mile route around the entire lake. This route is one of the theme loops that provide 992 additional miles along a vast network of quiet back roads.

Trail Manager

Visit Lake Champlain Bikeways online for more information and a printable map or contact:

Lake Champlain Bikeways
c/o Local Motion, 1 Steele Street #103
Burlington, VT 05401
Phone: (802) 652-2453


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Check for nearby geocaches to North of the Big Hills.

Leave No Trace Principle

Minimize Campfire Impacts

Use only small pieces of dead and down wood for campfires and let them burn down to ash. Please extinguish your campfire before leaving.