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Jericho Elementary School, Route 15 in Jericho.


Mount Mansfield is the dominate peak in the northern part of Chittenden County and can be seen from many places. Its appearance changes not only with the seasons but with the time of day so each visit has the potential to be different. The ride through Pleasant Valley is typical of the landscape that exists near many of Vermont’s mountains where lush farmland exists just under majestic peaks.

In addition to the mountain views, this loop provides an opportunity to visit several covered bridges in the Jeffersonville-Cambridge area and appreciate the importance of water power in the early days of each of the towns visited. A visit to the Red Mill in Jericho is a good introduction to how these mills were constructed and functioned. It is also a good place to be introduced to Snowflake Bentley, the man who demonstrated that no two snowflakes were alike.

Cue Sheet:

  • 0.0 miles: Start in Jericho, parking at Jericho Elementary School. Proceed east on Route 15 to Underhill.
  • 2.4 miles: Right to Underhill Center just past Mill River Park.
  • 7.1 miles: Top of the hill - enjoy the ride down.
  • 11.6 miles: Right to Jeffersonville on Upper Valley Road.
  • 15.9 miles: Left on Church Street.
  • 16.1 miles: Left on Route 15 in Jeffersonville.
  • 19.1 miles: Right on Route 104.
  • 25.5 miles: Bear left to Route 128.
  • 25.6 miles: Left on Route 128 in Fairfax.
  • 31.7 miles: Continue on Route 128 in Westford.
  • 35.8 miles: Left on Weed Road after yellow blinking light.
  • 37.3 miles: Left on Route 15 to Jericho.
  • 38.4 miles: Return to Jericho Elementary School.

Other Information

This is a designated Lake Champlain Bikeways loop, part of a 1,300+ mile network of bicycle routes. The Champlain Bikeway offers a 363-mile principal route around the entire Lake and along the Richelieu River to Chambly, Québec. This loop is one of many that provide 992 additional miles along a vast network of quiet back roads.

Trail Manager

Visit Lake Champlain Bikeways online for more information and a printable map or contact:

Lake Champlain Bikeways
c/o Local Motion, 1 Steele Street #103
Burlington, VT 05401
Phone: (802) 652-2453


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