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This is a 1,300+ mile network of bicycle routes in the Lake Champlain Valley of Vermont, New York, and Québec. The network includes a total of 35 loops and tours ranging from 10 to 60 miles in length, in addition to the Champlain Bikeway, a 363-mile principal route around the entire Lake and along the Richelieu River to Chambly, Québec. Based on a rich array of natural, cultural, and historic themes, these loops meander along quiet back roads through extraordinary mountain and countryside scenery.  Lake Champlain Bikeways is a public/private partnership catering to the growing national interest in bicycle tourism.  Its expanding bicycle route network serves as the information clearinghouse for bicycling opportunities in the Champlain Valley.

Having a copy of the Lake Champlain Bikeys map will be really helpfil to riders on these bike routes   Thes maps are available from sources identified at:http://www.champlainbikeways.org/.  This includes the Local Motion trailside center on Steele Steet on the Burlington lakeshore.

Road Surfaces:  The 363-mile route around the entire Lake and along the Richelieu River in Quebec suggests mostly paved rural roads; however, there are some sections where unpaved roads are used to access superb scenery and services or to avoid heavily traveled paved roads. In every case where the Bikeway uses an unpaved road (indicated in the directions), an alternate paved road is also offered.  Connecting theme loops, ranging in distance from 10 to 47 miles in length, follow both paved and unpaved roads. Paved alternates for unpaved sections are not offered for theme loops. Sections on unpaved sections are generally in fine condition for cross-bikes or touring bikes with reasonably substantial tires.

Lake Crossings
There are also plenty of opportunities to make shorter loops within the "larger" loop around the Lake, using several Lake crossings. Two bridges and four ferry crossings are reasonably spaced along the length of the Lake, creating a number of options for day trips. Click here to get the Ferry Schedule (Ferry schedule online at www.ferries.com.)

Starting from the southern end of the Lake, crossings are at the following locations:

  • Ferry: Ticonderoga, NY-Larabee’s Point (Shoreham), VT
  • Bridge: Crown Point, NY - Chimney Point (Addison), VT
  • Ferry: Essex, NY - Charlotte, VT
  • Ferry: Port Kent, NY - Burlington, VT
  • Ferry: Plattsburgh, NY - Grand Isle, VT
  • Bridge: Rouses Point, NY - Alburg, VT
  • Bridge: Lacolle, QC - Noyan, QC

Details and directions for main routes and loops are online at



Other Information

Full details including sources for the Bikeways map at the official web site ChamplainBikeways.org



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