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Trail Activity Hiking Snowshoeing
Location Goshen (VT)
Difficulty Moderate
Length0.7 miles, One Way

This spectacular and popular destination is reached via a short spur from the Long Trail.  From Brandon Gap, follow the Long Trail north for 0.4 miles, to a blue blazed spur trail that leads 0.1 miles up a set of rock steps out to the Great Cliff. The trail is quite steep, but the excellent view at the top makes the trip worthwhile.

Note: From March to August, the cliffs may be closed to protect nesting Peregrine falcons. Watch for closure posters.

Trail Activity Nordic Skiing Snowshoeing
Location Bolton (VT), Huntington (VT)
Difficulty Easy, Moderate, Advanced
Length16.1 miles, Network

Many miles of beautiful wooded cross-country ski trails ranging in difficulty.

Trail Activity Hiking Snowshoeing Backcountry Skiing
Location Cambridge (VT), Stowe (VT), Underhill (VT)
Difficulty Moderate, Advanced
Length23.6 miles, Network

Underhill State Park features trails that lead up to the Long Trail which then proceeds to the top of Mount Mansfield, the Chin. 

This popular destination can become very crowded, drawing visitors from all over the Northeast and Quebec.

Plan to visit early in the day and on week-days to avoid the crowd.

Trail Activity Snowshoeing Nordic Skiing
Location Hinesburg (VT), Huntington (VT)
Difficulty Moderate
Length22.0 miles, Network

The Sleepy Hollow Ski and Bike Center is a family-owned and operated small business featuring acclaimed nordic skiing and mountain biking in a beautiful setting.

Trail Activity Hiking Snowshoeing Backcountry Skiing
Location Bolton (VT), Buels Gore (VT), Duxbury (VT), Fayston (VT), Huntington (VT)
Difficulty Easy, Moderate, Advanced
Length67.2 miles, Network

Camel's Hump is one of Vermont's highest mountain peaks and easily the most recognizable by its double-humped profile.  Views are spectacular, but weather can be unpredictable.  Trails in the State Park are very heavily used in winter, summer and fall (avoid using trails in spring).

Trail Activity Nordic Skiing Backcountry Skiing Snowshoeing
Location Bolton (VT)
Difficulty Easy, Moderate, Advanced, Expert
Length36.6 miles, Network

All kinds of activities, including downhill skiing, nordic skiing, telemark, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. Rentals available. Lodging and dining also available. Lessons offered on an individual or group basis.

Trail Activity Walking Hiking Snowshoeing Nordic Skiing
Location Brookline (VT), Putney (VT)
Difficulty Easy
Length4.5 miles, Network

4.5 miles of trails winding through the forested uplands of Putney Mountain offer many loop options for hikers and cross country skiers.

Trail Activity Hiking Mountain Biking Nordic Skiing Snowshoeing
Location Ripton (VT)
Difficulty Moderate, Advanced
Length11.6 miles, Network
Trail Activity Hiking Mountain Biking Backcountry Skiing Snowshoeing
Location Proctor (VT), Rutland (VT), Rutland City (VT)
Difficulty Advanced
Length5.1 miles, One Way

The Carriage Trail was established in the late 1700s as a way for folks to get from Proctor to Rutland. This is a solid 5.1 mile hike or mountain bike ride that passes by ponds full of wildlife and reward the hardy with great views of Blue Ridge Mountain and Pico.

Trail Activity Walking Hiking Mountain Biking Snowshoeing Nordic Skiing
Location Exeter (NH)
Difficulty Easy
Length0.6 miles, Network

The Kimball Reserve is perfect for a short leisurely walk, snowshoeing or ungroomed cross-country skiing. Trails on the property also connect to the Jolly Rand Trail and RiverWoods.