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Trail Activity Hiking Snowshoeing
Location Bennington (VT), Shaftsbury (VT), Woodford (VT)
Difficulty Moderate
Length4.0 miles, Network

The Bald Mountain Trail allows hiking from near downtown Bennington, VT, through the Glastenbury Wilderness and on to the Appalachian Trail / Long Trail (AT/LT).

Trail Activity Hiking Snowshoeing
Location Goshen (VT)
Difficulty Moderate
Length0.7 miles, One Way

This spectacular and popular destination is reached via a short spur from the Long Trail. From Brandon Gap, follow the Long Trail north for 0.4 miles, to a blue blazed spur trail that leads 0.1 miles up a set of rock steps out to the Great Cliff. The trail is quite steep, but the excellent view at the top makes the trip worthwhile.

Note: From March to August, the cliffs may be closed to protect nesting Peregrine falcons. Watch for closure posters.

Trail Activity Hiking Snowshoeing
Location Arlington (VT), Bennington (VT), Manchester (VT), Shaftsbury (VT), Stratton (VT)
Difficulty Moderate
Length7.8 miles, Round Trip

A gradual forest climb to Stratton Pond, the largest body of water on the Long Trail.

Trail Activity Hiking Snowshoeing
Location Landaff (NH)
Difficulty Easy, Moderate
Length1.5 miles, Network

The Scotland Brook Wildlife Sanctuary has 1.5 miles of trails that pass through mixed forests with views of nearby wetlands and hills.

Trail Activity Hiking Snowshoeing
Location Fitzwilliam (NH), Jaffrey (NH), Richmond (NH), Troy (NH)
Difficulty Moderate, Advanced, Expert
Length17.5 miles, One Way

The NH Metacomet-Monadnock Trail is a footpath that follows the height-of-land from the Massachusetts border to the top of Mt. Monadnock.

Trail Activity Hiking Snowshoeing
Location Groton (VT)
Difficulty Moderate
Length1.0 miles, Round Trip

Steep trail to ledge-top views over meadows and Lake Groton.

Trail Activity Walking Snowshoeing
Location Ashland (NH)
Difficulty Moderate, Advanced
Length3.5 miles, Network

Homestead Forest, managed by the Lakes Region Conservation Trust, has a trail network of four miles through a 600 acre property representative of early New Hampshire homestead agriculture that has now transitioned from field back to forest.

Trail Activity Hiking Snowshoeing
Location Bennington (VT), Wilmington (VT), Woodford (VT)
Difficulty Easy, Moderate, Advanced
Length3.3 miles, Network

Great views reward a challenging first half mile. This is quickest access to the Appalachian Trail / Long Trail (AT/LT) in the region.

Trail Activity Hiking Snowshoeing
Location Antrim (NH), Hancock (NH)
Difficulty Moderate, Advanced
Length4.3 miles, Network

This nearly 1,700-acre wildlife sanctuary completely surrounds Willard Pond, a beautiful and pristine body of water which is about 100 acres in size. The sanctuary contains large hills, including Bald Mountain and Goodhue Hill, which have trails to their summits. Huge boulders deposited by receding glaciers, a diverse mixture of tree and plant species, and an abundance of wildlife make this sanctuary a unique and attractive area.

Trail Activity Walking Hiking Snowshoeing
Location Groton (VT), Marshfield (VT), Peacham (VT)
Difficulty Easy
Length3.1 miles, Loop

Walk around the shore of secluded Kettle Pond or travel the short ADA accessible path to the boat launch.