Motorized Trails & Trail Finder

Trail Finder aims to be a comprehensive resource for diverse trails in New Hampshire and Vermont, including trails for motorized vehicles, such as snowmobiles, ATVs, off-highway motorcycles, and jeeps. 

Many of the trails shared on this website do allow some form of motorized use within their networks. However, the information provided is not specifically geared to motorized vehicle use, since these trails are also used by non-motorized users. At this time, Trail Finder has very limited postings tailored to motorized vehicle use. We'd love to have more information to show you where to ride... and where to park a trailer or fuel up, for example.

If you represent a trail management or partner organization responsible for overseeing motorized trail networks, and you are interested in adding motorized trails to Trail Finder, please Contact Us. We would be happy to work with you to add high-quality trail information to our growing number of trails in the region.

Snowmobiling in Vermont